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Sparkle Lily is an emerging label designed to invoke and enhance the feminine in her varied and mysterious forms.Drifting from soft and dreamy, wild and free spirited,to simple elegance - the styles celebrate many moods.
'Sparkle Lily' is the 'nature' name of creator Kylie Flevell.When her children were all young, one day they gaveeach other 'nature' names for fun.'Sparkle' was the name the children gave to her and 'Lily'was her great grandmother's name. A free thinking,idealistic hippie chick – her story is a colourful one.
Kylie journeyed with several partners, expanding her tribe along the way. In the early 90's she lived with her oldest daughter Airiel's father, an idealistic harp maker/anarchist who built a treehouse for their young family to live...In 1997, in true pregnant mumma mode, with her second daughter, Indy in her belly, she stormed, the then prime minister John Howard's home, 'Kirribilly House' to install solar panels in the infamous Greenpeace action...Fullfilling a lifelong dream her young family migrated in1999 to the NorthernRivers and Byron Bay.
Her creativity was expressed through styling, renovating and building bohemian style living spaces whilst her children were growing up. As they started to leave the nest, in 2011 she opened up her lifestyle store at the Ocean Shore Village in the Byron Bay Shire, which is now the flagship store forSparkle Lily - The Label.The clothing pieces that have formed from Kylie's uninhibitedcreativity reflect her story and her lifestyle.Made from the best quality soft, flowing Rayon,  Sparkle Lily's creations are designed to connect women to their individual feminine essence and in doing so bring forth feelings of connectedness to themselves and Mother Earth.  
Climate change is something which unites all of our fates and we support the following organisations:
  • Amazon Watch: Protecting the lungs of our Earth.
  • Get Up: Grass roots Australian movement providing a powerful platform towards a fair and flourishing country for everyone.
For Humanity...
  • UNHCR: Provides relief for refugees
  • Medicine Sans Frontiers - Doctors without Borders: Independent and impartial humanitarian aid.