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Pure Soy Candle - Vanilla Caramel

This Vanilla Caramel Pure Soy Candle is always a popular choice as it throws a beautiful feeling of warmth in to a room when lit.
With a rich and buttery caramel that is melt in your mouth delicious and laced with overlays of warm creamy vanilla you’re bound to fall in love.

  • Presented in opaque white glass jars that create a warm ambient glow when lit.
  • Made with 100% cotton wicks and pure soy wax to ensure you are burning elements free from nasties and toxic chemicals like petroleum, paraffin and parabens which are harmful to your health.
  • This Vanilla Caramel Pure Soy Candle is gift boxed and will provide a minimum of 50+ hour burn time.
  • Comes with wooden lid

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