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Pure Soy Candle - lotus flower

  • This lotus flower pure soy candle is a fragrance you can fall in love with an infusion of richly sensual oriental fragrances. Imagine layers of perfect white lotus delicately woven with threads of vanilla and patchouli to provide you with an intoxicating aroma of mystery.

    • When you inhale the essence of lotus flower it provides you with a feeling of peacefulness and inspires the body to breathe more deeply.
    • In the past, ancient Romans used lotus essential oil to treat respiratory problems such as asthma and to increase feelings of tranquility.
    • If you love a strong aroma then this one is for you.
    • From customer feedback those that select Lotus Flower as their favourite pick often enjoy the ‘French Pear’ aroma too.
    • Made with 100% pure soy wax and pure cotton wicks ensures you are burning elements free from nasties and toxic chemicals like petroleum, paraffin and parabens which can have adverse side effects to your healt
    Comes with wooden lid

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